Easy Ways to Whiteboard animation maker on Android

Making videos is one of the most interesting activities to do. But unfortunately not everyone is proficient in making videos. Currently, there are many types of videos that we can watch. Starting from educational videos, animated videos, to funny/entertainment videos.

Talking about animated videos, one type of animation video that is quite popular is whiteboard animationIn general, this animated video displays animated illustrations/scribbles while explaining the information to be conveyed. Usually this type of animated video is suitable for conveying information about education or story telling.


Benime is an application that can be used to create animated whiteboard videos This application has a simple user interface but can produce interesting videos. In addition, this application can also be used on your smartphone device .

So in this article, the author will share a tutorial on how to create a simple whiteboard animation using the Benime application. You can use this application on a smartphone device or on your PC (using an emulator). As for the steps as follows.


1. Download the Benime app first via play store . If you have, open the application and you will be taken to the start page of the application. To create a new project, select the + . sign

Benime Android

2. Provide a title for your project. Here you also need to set the canvas size, whether you want to use 1080p, 720p or resolution for Instagram. If you have selected “create a movie”. Next, a blank page of your project will appear. Select “text” if you want to make text in it

3. After creating the text, you can adjust the appearance of the text. Starting from the color, size and type of font. You can also set the duration of the display of the text by replacing the number in the duration column. Furthermore, if you want to add an image or icon, select it on the “Sticker” menu

4. Here you can add an image from your storage file, or you can also use an existing image template . Set the size of the image used as you wish

5. The next step if you want to see the video preview results , select the play sign in the upper right corner. Then the result will look like in the picture. The save symbol is used to save your file. Then the share symbol is used to render the video that you have edited and will be published


This is a tutorial on how to create an animated whiteboard using the Benime application. In addition to those mentioned in the steps above, this application also provides various other animations that you need to explore and create. Hope it is useful.

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