How to Add Add Yours Sticker on Instagram Story

Instagram is a social media application that not only actively updates its menus and features, but also actively updates effects and stickers. Talking about stickers, the use of stickers in chat applications and social media applications is quite popular. How come? Just by adding one sticker display, you can express your feelings/emotions without having to type at length.


After going viral with its music stickers, now the Instagram application comes with its newest sticker display. This sticker is called Add Yours. With this sticker, Instagram users can challenge their followers. Challenges can be in the form of photos or videos uploaded via Instagram Stories. Later, your followers can join the challenge by clicking the Add Your sticker on your Instagram Story. After that, you will get a notification if any of your followers follow the challenge you share.

Curious, how do you add an Add Yours sticker to your Instagram Story? Just follow some easy steps as below!.


1. To be able to add/use the Add Yours sticker on Instagram Stories, you first need to update the Instagram application on your smartphone device to the latest version.

2. After the Instagram application on your device has been successfully updated, just open the Instagram application and then open the story menu . Click the camera icon to take a photo or video. Or, you can click the gallery icon and select a photo or video that is already available in your device gallery. Choose a photo or video that matches the challenge you want to make.

3. Just like adding stickers to Instagram stories in general, click the Stickers icon on the top menu. Select it and click on the sticker named ‘ Add Yours ‘ or in Indonesian named ‘ Your reply ‘.

4. Type the caption you want to share.

However, if you are confused about choosing a caption; click the dice icon under the Add Yours sticker. Then, Instagram will provide caption suggestions. On one click, the Instagram app will suggest different captions. After you finish typing the caption, click the Done button .

5. Finally, adjust the position of the Add Yours sticker on your photo or video. Then, click the Send to button to upload the Instagram story. Finished.


With this Add Yours sticker, your Instagram story will look more attractive. In addition, you can also interact directly with other Instagram application users through the caption replies that you type on the sticker.

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