How to Change Fonts on HP Realme

Tired of the same font display on your Android device screen? Want to change the appearance of the font, but don’t know how? Actually, changing the font on an Android device is as easy as changing the wallpaper on your smartphone screen. To be able to change the appearance of fonts on Android devices, you don’t need to download any additional applications or download certain fonts and then install them to your Android device.

Every Android device, any brand, must be equipped with the Theme Store application. This application contains a wide selection of Themes, Fonts, and Wallpapers. However, there are still many Android users who only know the Theme and Wallpaper menus. However, there are still many who do not know the Letter menu.


On the Font menu in the Theme Store application, there are lots of font choices that you can choose and apply to your Android device. After the letters are downloaded, they will automatically be saved on your Android device even if you don’t apply the letters.


1. Open the Theme Store application available on your Android device. But if you don’t know where the Theme Store application is on your Android device, you can open it by pinching the main screen using two fingers. Then the Android screen display menus will appear such as Widgets, Wallpapers, Effects, and Settings.

2. Select the Wallpaper menu . Then will appear several kinds of wallpaper display provided by the system. Swipe next to all wallpapers, look for the More Wallpapers menu .

3. Select Static Wallpaper to open the Theme Store application. In addition, providing a variety of wallpaper displays in the Theme Store application, it also provides a wide selection of Letters and Themes.

4. Meanwhile, to find and change the Letters on your Android device, select the Font menu .

5. After that, the application will display a large selection of letters with various categories. Find and select one of the font appearances that you want to apply on your Android device. When done, click the Apply button to download and apply the font to your Android device.

6. For information, here the author uses an Android phone Realme C−2 . However, the method above is not much different from how to change the appearance of the font on other brands of Android devices.


By utilizing the Theme Store application, you can now easily change the appearance of the font on your Android device easily and quickly. What’s more, usually the Theme Store application will also always add to its collection of display fonts. So that in the future, you will have more choices of fonts that can be used and applied to writing / text on your Android device.

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