How to Convert Sound in YouTube Videos to Text

In addition to containing interesting videos that can fill your spare time, in fact the YouTube application also contains useful videos that contain important information. Such as video discussion questions, video tutorials or other videos. To be able to get this information more clearly besides listening to the audio in the video, we can also activate the subtitle feature available in the YouTube application. Then, we can copy/type the information independently into the Word application or the Note application on your device. However, this method is really inconvenient because you will most likely have to replay the video at the same duration over and over again to be able to copy the information.


However, with the help of the Herramientas website, we can get the full text of a YouTube video without having to replay the video repeatedly and copy it to the Word or Note application. The Herramientas site serves to transcribe or convert audio files in YouTube videos into text. Interestingly, the Herramientas site is website-based, so you can open it on any device, whether it’s a PC or smartphone, without having to install any applications.


1. Open the YouTube application or website on your PC or smartphone, then search for the video you want to make audio as text. Click the three-dot icon in the right corner of the video and select the Share menu . Select and click Copy Link to copy and get the link address of the video.

2. After that, open any browser application available on your PC or smartphone and open the Herramientas site at the url address: . Once the site is open, scroll down and look for the Desgrabador column. and click the Indonesian button.

3. Then, paste the previously copied YouTube video link in the column provided and click the Transcribe button .

4. Wait a moment until the transcription process is complete, when you have scrolled down to see the results. Done, now the audio on the YouTube video has been converted to text. Click the Copy Transcribe button to copy all the text and paste it into the Word or note application on your device. Click the Delete button to delete all the text.


By taking advantage of the Herramientas site, you can now easily get text files from YouTube audio videos without playing the video repeatedly. Perform simple steps as above to transcribe or convert audio files on other YouTube videos to become text.

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