How to Create a CV on my phone

Resume or CV Curriculum Vitae ) or it can also be called a curriculum vitae, we often need when applying for a job. Maybe at this time there are still many friends who are still confused about how to make a good and interesting CV . For that, here we will share how to make a CV easily and the results are guaranteed to be interesting by using an Android smartphone .

Creating a good and attractive CV is the first step and also arguably the main thing for you to be accepted in a company that you are applying for. The number of CVs that enter a company sometimes makes recruiters more likely to see the outer appearance of the CV before the contents of the CV.

Not only that, an attractive CV can also give you more value. It can show how attractive your personality is.

Well, it’s as if this CV is the key to determining someone can be accepted or rejected in a company. Therefore we must really know how to make a CV as attractive as possible.

By utilizing technology and information today, we should not be confused anymore to make a CV that is different from the others. Especially if we take advantage of the sophistication of smartphones . We can quickly and easily create a special CV. Do you believe? Here’s the review.

Create a CV on my phone


1. Download and install the Canva application first .

2. Open the Canva application then Login using Facebook or your email. Next, in the search field, type your CV or Resume.

3. Select the CV template that you will use. To replace the existing text, you just have to double-tap on it and use the menu at the bottom to change the font style , size and so on.

4. To change the background color, simply tap on a blank screen in the background then select the color menu and select the color you want to use. Tap the plus icon then select the illustration menu to add clip art .

5. Tap the people icon at the top to share the link from the created CV.

6. To save to the gallery, simply tap the download icon and select the Save as image menu .

That’s a quick tutorial on how to make an attractive Resume/CV on Android. Hope it is useful.

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