How to Delete Search History in Gmail Android

The searching feature is one of the features that must be owned by an application. With this searching feature, it will be easier for users to search for text/sentences or files based on certain keywords. Like the Gmail e-mail application. Maybe in one day, your Gmail application will receive tens or even hundreds of emails every day. Now, to make it easier for you to search for a particular email, you can type keywords based on certain words or the sender’s name in the searching column that has been provided. Of course, this method will be very helpful in finding important emails that are needed.


1. Open the Gmail application on your Android device, then click the three-line icon in the upper left corner of the main page of the Gmail application to open the settings menu. Scroll down, then find and click the Settings menu .

2. In the Settings menu there is a list of all Gmail accounts registered on your Android device. But to clear search history in the Gmail app, click the General settings menu .

3. After the General Settings page opens, click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner and click the Delete search history feature .

4. Then a confirmation column will appear: are you sure you want to delete all search history? Click Delete to continue. Done, now all search history in the Gmail Android application has been successfully deleted.

5. However, if the delete browsing history feature is not available or is in another menu; maybe you are using an old version of the Gmail application and must first upgrade to the latest version through the Play Store application.


It’s not as easy as deleting search history in the Gmail Android app. Because in the future, the search history will always appear in the search field; within a certain period of time you must delete the search history on your Gmail Android application.

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