How to Filter Instagram Comments by Keyword

Surely you have heard the term cyber bullying? The term is used to describe bullying in cyberspace. Generally, cyber bullying is done through social media accounts. Examples such as mocking, humiliating, harassing, even threatening through writing in the comments column.


The Instagram application is one of the social media that is anti-cyber bullying behavior. Therefore, in order to protect Instagram users from cyber bullying behavior, the Instagram application is very diligent in adding cyber bullying prevention features. One of the anti-bully features recently released by the Instagram application is filtering comments based on keywords.


Previously to avoid inappropriate comments, we disabled the comments column on Instagram posts. However, with the feature of filtering comments based on keywords that you think is inappropriate. Interestingly, besides adding words that you think are inappropriate, this feature can also add phrases and emojis that you don’t want to appear in the comments column on Instagram posts.


1. To get the feature of filtering negative comments based on keywords or keywords, the first thing to do is first upgrade the Instagram application on each of your Android devices. After the upgrade process is complete, open the Instagram app.

2. Open the Profile menu to open your Instagram account page. Select the three-line icon at the top right of the Profile page and select the Settings menu. On the Settings menu, find and select the Privacy menu.

3. Now, on the Privacy menu a new feature appears called Hidden Words. Scroll down and look for the Hidden Words column. pi on the right arrow icon Add to List to list the words that you think are inappropriate.

Type several words separated by a comma (,). Besides words you can also add phrases and emojis. Once the words are typed, click the Add button.

4. Done, now the inappropriate words have been registered on your Instagram account. Click the back icon to return to the Hidden Words page.

5. Enable Hide Comments to hide comments with inappropriate words from your Instagram posts. Later, neither you nor your followers will see the hidden comments. Also turn on Hide Message Requests, to filter out message requests that contain these inappropriate words. Done, now both comments and message requests that have inappropriate words will not appear on your Instagram posts.


By activating the Hidden Words feature, you can now reactivate the comments column on each of your posts on Instagram. Now the comment column on each of your Instagram posts, will be free from words that are inappropriate according to your version. But keep in mind, because inappropriate words are always growing, make sure you always add them in the Hidden Words column.

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