How to Make Youtube Shorts on HP

Some time ago, YouTube officially released a new feature on their YouTube platform called YouTube Shorts. If you look further, YouTube shorts are similar to short video platforms that previously existed, such as tiktok, snack videos and others.

Even though in 2021, YouTube shorts is still in beta, but YouTube users can already make YouTube shorts videos. Well, if you are interested and want to try YouTube shorts, please follow the steps below.


Youtube shorts is a new feature presented by YouTube that users can use to upload videos of short duration.

Until now, YouTube shorts are still in beta or under development, even users can only upload videos with a maximum duration of 60 seconds.

Although relatively new, YouTube itself pays special attention to YouTube shorts. Even YouTube shorts users can monetize without any subscription requirements and watch time like YouTube videos in general.


1. First, please open the YouTube application that is already installed on your cellphone and log in with the YouTube account you have.

2. On the main page of the YouTube application, press the plus icon located at the bottom center.

3. Then, a new menu will appear and select the menu create video shorts (beta) , as shown below.

4. Next, you can start making video shorts.

  • To start recording video shorts, you can press the red circle below the center.
  • You can also set the duration of the video shorts by pressing the 15 or 60 icon , which means if you select 15 then the video duration is 15 seconds, while if you select 60 then the video duration is 60 seconds.
  • You can also add sound or music by pressing the add sound menu at the top center.
  • then you can also set the flip camera, video speed and video countdown by pressing the 3 menu icons on the top right.

5. If you already have a video that has been made previously, it can be entered by pressing the gallery icon or photo in the lower left, as shown below.

6. If you have finished recording or inserting a video, then you can continue by pressing the check icon at the bottom right.

7. The next step is that you can still adjust some things before the video shorts are published, such as sound, text, filters and others. If you have finished and it is appropriate, please continue by pressing the next button on the top right

8. Finally, fill in the title of the video shorts, video visibility and viewer selection . If so, press the upload button at the top right.

9. Wait until the upload process is complete and when it is finished, a YouTube shorts icon will appear at the bottom right of the video as shown below.


That’s how to make YouTube shorts on HP. It should also be noted that these YouTube shorts are still in the beta stage or development from YouTube, so the features provided are also not too many like other short video platforms, such as tiktok, Instagram reels and others.

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