How to Overcome Red Ping in the Latest Mobile Legends 2021

Who is not upset, when suddenly while playing the Mobile Legends game the ping turns red. Of course, all players in Mobile Legends will experience annoyance, if when he is playing the Mobile Legends game, the ping network turns red.


The cause of a red ping there are several factors that cause the ping to turn red, for example, such as internet signal network problems or because the specifications of the cellphone you are using do not meet the qualifications in playing the Mobile Legends game.

Because considering the Mobile Legends game, one of the games that takes up a lot of memory storage and data used is quite a lot in playing this Moba game.

Therefore, don’t be surprised when you are busy playing Mobile Legends games in a match, suddenly the ping turns red, that’s because there are several factors that cause the ping signal to turn red.

Then how to overcome so that the red ping does not occur or the ping signal becomes more stable when competing in Mobile Legends? You don’t need to worry, because here the author will provide the best solution so that this problem can be resolved.


1. The first thing you need to do is go to the settings in the main screen or on the main dashboard in the Mobile Legends game.

The settings menu is located above the top corner on the main page of Mobile Legends.

2. The second step, please detect the network first. Therefore, before starting the match, it’s a good idea to detect the signal network first.

Because of this kind of thing, it is often considered trivial by players in Mobile Legends, because by detecting the network, you can find out whether the signal is good or not.

A good signal to play the Mobile Legends game is to have a value above 70, because often the value is below 70, the ping fluctuates when playing.

3. Then the next step how to overcome the ping in Mobile Legends is to delete the data that has accumulated in the game.

You just need to click on the stacked data menu, then the system will delete itself. The thing you need to remember, this is not deleting data in the application, this only cleans data that is considered unimportant like a garbage that accumulates in the Mobile Legends game.

4. At the last point, you have to lower the level of graphic quality of the game display on Mobile Legends. If the specifications of the cellphone you are using are below standard, it’s a good idea not to be too pushy to choose graphics that are too high, you just have to choose low or medium quality.


Every player must often experience problems such as a red ping signal when playing the Mobile Legends game. Therefore, it is hoped that you should not be too disappointed or angry when you are experiencing problems like this.

Look for the best solution and prevent the red ping signal problem from appearing again in the future.

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