How to put a Password on WhatsApp Web

Are you a loyal user of the WhatsApp Web application? If yes, this time the author will share how to add a password on the WhatsApp Web site on your PC or Laptop device. By activating the password feature, you can lock your WhatsApp Web account, before lending your PC or laptop to someone else. So that other people can’t open and read chats stored on your WhatsApp Web account.


Adding a password on WhatsApp Web, is not the latest feature of the WhatsApp application. You need to use one of the extensions available in the Google Chrome browser app. So, make sure that you always open the WhatsApp Web site in the Google Chrome browser.


1. Open the Google Chrome browser application on your PC or Laptop device. Then in the Google search field, type the keyword Chrome Web Store . Scroll down the Google search results and then select the Chrome Web Store site .

2. After the Chrome Web Store site opens, type the keyword wa plus in the search field . Then there will be some search results based on these keywords. Find and select the extension named WA Web Plus for WhatsApp .

3. Install the extension into the Google Chrome browser application, click the Add to Chrome button and select the Add Extension button . Wait until the extension has been successfully downloaded and installed on the Google Chrome browser on your device.

4. Now open a new tap on the Google Chrome application, select the three-dot icon and select the Settings menu .

After the Settings page opens, look for the Extension menu . And, then make sure the WA Web Plus for WhatsApp extension is active .

5. Reopen a new tap and open your account’s WhatsApp Web site. After the WhatsApp Web site opens, select the puzzle icon , and select the + icon on the WA Web Plus for WhatsApp extension .

6. Then the settings page of the WA Web Plus for WhatsApp extension will appear. Find and give a check list on the Enable lock screen menu . Select the Set Password link , and then type the password in the field provided.

Select the Change button . Finished.

7. Now, on the WhatsApp Web application on your device, a Lock icon will appear . Select the icon to lock the WhatsApp Web site on a PC or Laptop device.

8. Here’s what the locked WhatsApp Web looks like. Enter the password to re-access WhatsApp Web on your PC or Laptop device.


By adding the WA Web Plus for WhatsApp extension on the WhatsApp Web site, it will increase the security of your privacy. Now, you just need to select the lock icon to lock your WhatsApp Web account. And to be able to access WhatsApp Web again, you only need to enter the password that you created earlier.

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