How to Show WhatsApp Profile Photo Without Cropping

The profile photo menu is one of the menus that all applications must have. With a profile photo, application users can indirectly introduce themselves to other users in the application. It doesn’t always have to be a selfie, a profile photo can also be filled with a logo from your business.


But unfortunately, all applications will only display profile photos with a 1:1 ratio resolution. So, not all views on the photo will appear / appear on the profile photo. Even though many users are trying to display a unique and interesting profile photo. Therefore, it is very unfortunate if all the photos that you have created do not appear on your application profile photo.

But did you know that in the WhatsApp chat application we can display the entire profile photo display? As with other applications, the WhatsApp application actually only provides 1:1 photo resolution. But, with the help of an application called WhatsCrop, we can display all photos on WhatsApp profiles.


1. Open the Play Store app on your Android device and then look for an app called WhatsCrop . Install the WhatsCrop application on your Android device.


2. After the WhatsCrop application is installed, just open the application. Press the Photos menu . select New to open a new work page from WhatsCrop app. Press Select Photo to take a photo that is already available in the gallery of your Android device. Or, press Snapshot to take the photo directly. However, here the author will choose Photos and use photos that are already available in the Android device gallery.

3. After the photo appears on the application work page with two fingers sliding in or out at the same time, set the appearance of the photo you want to make.

4. Now, you only need to cover the blanks. Press Edit , then put a checklist on the Shadow menu to give the photo a shadow appearance. Then, press Edit again , and then put a check list on the Blurred Background menu to fill in the blanks in the profile photo. Done, more or less the following profile photo display.

5. Finally, Press Save to make the photo as WhatsApp profile photo. Later, the WhatsCrop application will automatically direct the photo you just made to the profile photo menu in the WhatsApp application.


By utilizing the WhatsCrop application, you can display the entire photo without cropping it. So that your WhatsApp profile photo will display the entire view of the photo. Actually, besides WhatsApp you can also make the photo as a profile photo in chat applications or other social media applications by saving the photos to your device gallery. And, then upload it on the profile photo menu in chat applications and other social media applications.

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