How to Use Pronouns Feature on Instagram

Instagram is back with a new breakthrough with its unique features. Not many people know what this feature is and how to get it on our respective Instagram accounts. Well, to find out, continue reading the article from Inwepo below until it runs out.


Instagram never ceases to intrigue its users with the presence of new features. Since being acquired by Facebook and becoming a subsidiary of Facebook a few years ago, the features offered on the Instagram menu have varied. What used to be only limited to photo sharing and ordinary editing is now becoming more unique and sophisticated.


Already in the clouds and becoming a popular application of choice for teenagers, it doesn’t make Instagram stand still. They continue to innovate and present new features that are not yet owned by its competitors.

Although not so important or not so popular compared to the story or reels feature . In fact, this feature certainly also grabs the attention of many users. How did you also know this feature? Or have you even tried it? Yes, for those who don’t know the new feature, it is Pronouns.


In Instagram this feature means calling, in Instagram you can add this name or these pronouns next to your Instagram username. So more interesting is not it? Unfortunately, not everyone knows and gets to try out this feature. Well, for those of you who are curious and want to activate the feature, you can directly check the following tutorial .


1. Make sure you have updated your Instagram version to the latest version. If you have entered the profile menu section then tap the burger menu in the upper right corner. Next select the Settings menu .

2. On the Settings menu, select the Account menu and then tap the Language menu again.

3. Change your native language to English then exit from Instagram and delete it from recent apps . Then open your Instagram again and go to the Edit Profile menu .

4. Now, a new menu will automatically appear, namely Pronouns . You tap the Pronouns menu column to add a nickname as you expect.


You can use these pronouns as pronouns for calls in your Instagram username . You can add nicknames according to gender or according to your own wishes. This feature is quite useful also for those of you who don’t like to appear physically so that other people can easily recognize you and don’t call it wrong.

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